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Volkswagen Bus Technical Resources

Don't let this happen to your bus !!
Replace all of your fuel lines *now* !!

Volkswagen Type 2 manuals online

Type 2 Technical Resource Library

Sean Bartnik's tech page for Volkswagen Buses.

VW microfiches for Type 2 1968 - 1979
Now hosted by Richard Atwell

Old Volks Home Ignition Distributor Specifications's VW Wiring Diagrams
Hosted by

Richard Atwell's 1978 Campmobile page
Excellent Restoration/Maintenance page with lots of pictures.

Nate's Air-Cooled VW Tech Pages
Lots of tech articles (and links).

David Schwarze's Windshield frame repair page

Jamie Rivers "How to wire An Aux. Battery Relay" page
Hosted by Jamie Rivers (of course)

Dan's Motorcycle Repair "How to read spark plugs" page

Replacing a Canvas Pop-Top on a 1972 Westfalia
Courtesy of the Crew

Volkswagen Poptop Revival
Restoring the Westfalia Poptop Camper Canvas

Sami Dakhlia's AFC Fuel Injection Troubleshooting Page
Westy Wiring Diagrams too !!

Joe Clark's Volkswagen Tent Info Page

Vincent Molenaar's Volkswagen T2 production codes page

Wolfsburg West - Color Charts for Bug and Bus

The "unofficial" GTI 16V homepage's VW Color Chart

Wade Lloyd's Birth Certificate Page
Get a Birth Certificate for your VW

Scott's Type IV Conversion Page
Details of Converting a Type IV motor into a '60 Type 2

Pushing Back The Darkness
Written by Mike West, Maintained by David Raistrick.

Bulley-Hewlett & Associates'
Heat, Rust, & Noise in VW's

Brad Clausen's How to Change the Ignition Switch
on a 78 VW Bus

Mike Howles' VW Type 2 Bus stuff Webpage
includes a guide to windscreen surround repair
a guide to replacing the ignition barrel on a early baywindow
and other good stuff

Kelly Brown Jr. (aka Metalwizard) '71 bus nose replacement page

Speedy Jim's Diagram of Vacuum hoses
on a '78 Fuel Injected Type II

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