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Pictures of the 70's Westfalia
Storage box / Camping Stool

Karl from the type2 list sent me these pics and had this to say about the stools.

"Be warned that there are 2 different ones. The difference is in the height. 74-76 is 11 1/2" tall. 77-79 is 14 1/4" tall. The reason is: 77-79 seats sit taller because the passenger seat swivels. The correct box will be the same level as the seats. Both boxes have the same side dimensions: 11 1/2" x 13". Good luck finding one with the original yellow plastic covered trash can!"

Richard Atwell sent me this exploded diagram of a westy stool. Thanks, Richard.

Ron Wolff, sent the photos of the yellow plastic trashcan, and had this to say about the dimensions:
Height (w/lid on) 11 1/4"
Diameter 10 1/4"
Black handle at top: 3/4" wide with 4 'grooves' for your fingers.
Handle length (if spread out): approx 17-18"

Click HERE for some pics I took of the stool from my camper

Below is a pic of what the camping stool should look like installed in a late baywindow westfalia.

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