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I bought a garden tractor, this one is a 1978 John Deere 316

More Pictures here.

The John Deere 316 Garden Tractor has a 16hp Kohler engine, with a hydraulic lift for the deck. It also has 2 spools of hydraulics for attachments.
My 316 was outfited with a 46" deck off of a later model (85-91) so it's in good condition. Deck number is M00596x556956.

This is what I found out about the tractor when I entered my serial number into the registry.

Here is the information about the Tractor C316G083399M

Serial Number:83399
Model Year:1978
Engine Model and Size:K341 Kohler 16HP
Lift Type:Hydraulic 2 Lever
Manufactured Location:Horicon, WI

Since I just started documenting this tractor on the web, this page will host a bunch of useless information till I organize it a little bit. For now this is just a place to keep all the info I've got scribbled on scraps of paper.

Catalog Numbers (to access parts catalogs for my JD on

PC 1474 - 300 and 316 (s.n. -095,000) hydrostatic tractors
PC 1935 - 46-inch mid-mount rotary mower (120, 140 and 300 series tractors)
PC 2797 - Product Identification Number Guide
OMM81721 - Operator's Manual 316 Lawn & Garden Tractor (080001-095000) - I bought this one
TM1590 - Technical Manual 316, 318 & 420 Lawn & Garden Tractors (really need to find the 316 w/ kohler engine manual)

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